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AirTran Reviews

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  • Lack of compassion

    Had to change my return flight time while on vacation when my wife's father passed away very unexpectedly. Airtran charged us a high premium to change our flight time. Other airlines wave this fee when it involves the death of an immediate family member. I am very disappointed in how dispassionate Airtran is. More...
    ranger65's Picture   ranger65    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost and Found

    I’m looking for a blessing from an angle with a good heart. I lost my digital camera on a flight from Atlanta, GA to Indianapolis, IN. Date: 09 April 2013, flight number 761, Seat 24A. Departed Atlanta, GA at 05:30 pm, Arrived at Indianapolis, IN at 7:08pm. My digital HD camera is small, black, and has a flip screen. Pictures on the disk include pictures and movies from the 2013 Final Four weekend in Atlanta. Please reply to if found. More...
  • Traveling with a pet

    I travel on Air Tran from BWI to SJU with my pet on her pet travel taxi or case without problems but when I came back from SJU to BWI at the airport counter they told me that I coud not used that pet travel taxi or case, the one that she used to go to Puerto Rico and that I need to buy one from them because those were the right one's to travel with them, that they won't let me get in to the flight with the case I had. I was forced to buy one of their pet travel taxi or case which was $50.00 just get my pet into the flight. How could you do a trip pass first without any kind of... More...
    zaraquel's Picture   zaraquel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pet Policy - Factitious Rules

    AirTran employees have NO clue what the TRUE pet policy is OR how to properly enforce it. Depending on the day & what employee is working…depends on what set of rules you must abide by. BOO on you AirTran. When it pertains to something as important as knowing what to expect when traveling w/ dogs…it shouldn't be a guessing game. AND it is especially uncalled for to be handled @ the gate…last minute…when I was sitting @ the gate 1 1/2 hrs early!! Then told that the pilot had been NOTIFIED about me…when it was AirTran's OWN inadequacies w/... More...
  • Pet Policy - Factitious Rules

    Boo on you…AirTran. The pet policies on AirTran are atrocious!! FYI: I have already spoken w/ your customer service rep on Monday…day of flight…for 30 min. I haven't received any response yet. I'll see how long after Thanksgiving it takes for a response…if @ all. What's even more interesting is that Southwest's pet policy is: "Southwest Airlines accepts small vaccinated domestic cats & dogs. All in-cabin pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier, as indicated below & are subject to a $75 pet fare each way/pet carrier. The pet... More...
    mrglover33's Picture   mrglover33    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost item on aitran flight

    After discovering that i had left my kindle e reader on an Airtran plane i called the airline to see how i could recover my lost item and was put on hold until sent to voicemail. After leaving a detailed message including the flight number and my item as well as my contact information i called the airport, they told me i would have to contact airtran since the planes are not cleaned each stop. I then proceeded to call Airtran five more times with the same rude responses that gave absolutely no useful information just some other phone number or an empty response along the lines of "oh... More...
    AniHilditch's Picture   AniHilditch    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost and found

    I was in terminal C at the Atlanta airport waiting after my flight had been delayed, and my luggage was lost. This was not checked luggage so there is no ticket number. 2 bags went missing, and although I filed a report and claim with the airport, I have not been able to get ahold of anyone at AirTran to see if they have a lost and found for items found in the gate area. These bags contained a work computer and phone, so I am desperate to find them. I need to speak to a person either in Atlanta or Ft Myers (my destination) to see if they have been turned in. More...
  • Air Tran Lies

    I was scheduled to return from Las Vegas on 8-27-11 which was 1 day prior to hurricane Eileene hit to MA. I changed my flight from late evening to 7am. When I went online the night before the flight was cancelled. All flights from 8-26-11 to 8-29-11 were cancelled due to the hurricane. My flight was changed, without notification from Air tran, to the following Friday, Sept 2nd. Eileen wasn't even scheduled to hit MA until Sunday 8-28. After speaking to several people I was told nothing could be done, it was "Nature." I went to the airport for my original 7am flight. I was... More...
    Jimpic's Picture   Jimpic    0 Comments   Comments
  • lost and found

    I have been calling about a lost camera since May 17th when I left it on an Airtran flight. I get different responses almost every time, none of them helpful. I do not know where the camera ended up, it was in a small black camera case that could be missed. I cannot believe that you do not have a central lost and found for items left on planes. I have called the baggage claim numbers for 3 airports with no success. I have been told numerous times that Airtran is not resposible for items left on planes, but it seems as if somewhere an Airtran employee would have found this. From the... More...
  • lost and found

    I too lost an important item, a camera with a memory card full of important pictures. I was also given the run around. There is no central lost and found????? I was told I had to contact the airports AirTran baggage claim, leave a message and if it was found I would get a reply. I was told they were too busy to reply unless it was found. I have no idea which airport the camera may have ended up with. I was given extensions for my airport (Rochester NY), Atlanta (where the plane was going) and Newport News where it would have a "full" cleaning. This was a small camera in a... More...
    annr's Picture   annr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airtran reviews and complaints

    My son left his DSI & all of his games in the back seat pocket of an Airtran Flight. I called the same day when we noticed what had happen. I gave them exact information, even the seat #. No one cared. If someone cold have called the plane they could have gotten his DSI & I would not have all of this run around! I assume now it is gone & will not be recovered! More...
    mkjhunter's Picture   mkjhunter    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not Happy

    We flew Airtran last April from Orlando to Milwaukee. The next day we realized that my daughter left her Nintendo DS in the pocket of her seat. I was very disappointed at the run around I received from Airtran employees on trying to see if it was still on the plane. I was told the plane went on to Vegas and then cleaned. I am sure a contracted cleaning employee found it and kept it. When I called the next day another employee told me the plane was cleaned when it arrived in Atlanta. I had the tail # of the plane and someone could very easily have contacted the plane we were on checked... More...
    pkmb's Picture   pkmb    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost Bag

    I flew from Philadelphia to Atlanta. My bag contained a number of items that are VERY important to me. Someone on board the flight took my bag (I'm assuming, by mistake). I would imagine that when they returned home and realized they had the wrong bag, they would have returned it somewhere. AirTran won't do anything about this. They don't care about my claim... their staff has been rude, they won't follow up with the people sitting near me to see where the bag might have been dropped off at. They tell me that they will call me back, then never do. Now my claim... More...
  • AirTran is the Worst Airline I've Ever Dealt With

    I flew from Philadelphia to Atlanta. My bag contained a number of items that are VERY important to me. Someone on board the flight took my bag (I'm assuming, by mistake). I would imagine that when they returned home and realized they had the wrong bag, they would have returned it somewhere. AirTran won't do anything about this. They don't care about my claim... their staff has been rude, they won't follow up with the people sitting near me to see where the bag might have been dropped off at. They tell me that they will call me back, then never do. I hate AirTran... More...
    unhappyflyer's Picture   unhappyflyer    1 Comments   Comments
  • Baggage Extortion

    Airtran is EXTORTING customers at the airport with phony baggage measurements to make phony profits. I just flew Airtran over Christmas from Phoenix to Atlanta. The Airtran employees at Phoenix were professional and friendly. They measured by bag at 59 inches and there was no "Oversize charge". On my return, the Airtran employees in Atlanta (every single one) was rude, apathetic and completely unaccomodating. The airtran employee "robot" at baggage check measured my bag (which was smaller this time with no presents to return) and told me it was over and i had... More...
    bubbasmiff's Picture   bubbasmiff    3 Comments   Comments
  • Lost baggage

    I have alsways been happy with airtrain but last week i flew from Baltimore to tampa to visit family and they lost one of my bags. I has been 1 week and i have not seen my bag. I saw my bag get into the airplane and get out but they claim they cannot find the bag. The worst thing is i had to pay $30 to send my bags and not they have lost one of my bags. My husband have been wearing the same clothes over and over again. They claim they have found my bad and was being delivery and that was 3 days ago i have not seen it yet. I will never fly airtrain again i will let everyone i know not to fly... More...
    palhacinha's Picture   palhacinha    0 Comments   Comments
  • My children left a bunch of...

    My children left a bunch of rental DVD's (in a travel case) on the aircraft. After questioning AirTran's lost & found they were not found. I was told that AirTran employees cleaned the airplane so I can only assume the employees kept them. How can I get a job like that? Keep everything I find on an, money, electronics, etc. I'd love it! The case was marked with my name and number, why not return it to me? More...
    Marcene's Picture   Marcene    0 Comments   Comments

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AirTran Comments

disappointed100 says: (8 years ago)
I left my itouch on the airplane and like many others I've read about, I don't believe I will ever get it back. I can't believe how dishonest people are. And I can't believe with so many complaints that the managers of Airtran aren't concerned with the theft problem.

IGLE says: (8 years ago)
To whom it may concern,

Let me start by saying that to me this is a matter of principal and money.

My name is David Igleheart, let me start with a couple of years ago, I purchased 8 tickets to fly non-stop from Akron Canton to Orlando.(I was taking my children to Disney world). During this time my wife lost her mother to cancer she passed away a lot quicker than we anticipated.

Some time later I contacted Air-Tran, I was charged a huge fee to cancel which left me with a credit I had to use in x amount of time. My wife and I started to plan another family vacation for our family of eight (six children) and my mother became very sick, I was unable to use the tickets that I paid for, "understanding this was my own fault"..

I called yesterday March, 23rd, 2010 to see if I was able to use my credit for travel and I was told no that my credit had expired and there was nothing that could be done.

In closing, I find it very disheartening that especially in this case (not normal circumstances) that my money and circumstances would be treated with such disregard. Its not like anyone would purchase several thousands of dollars worth of airline ticket to not use them.I understand policy is policy but there are also exceptions to the rule in which I feel my circumstances would abide..

aarondfox says: (8 years ago)
I recently left a brand new Macbook pro on the aircraft, and once I realized it, and inquired as to how to retrieve it I was given the run-a-round....and to make a very long story short... I will likley never see it again. I couldn't be more frustrated with ATL airport, and specifically airtran in dealing with this.

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